Well, well well amigos It has come that time where the little pitter patter of the keyboard heralds the arrival of the next issue of "Adventures in Jacinkoland."

I try to use these emails to keep you informed about Kallidad activities, both on and off the stage. Firstly though, here's the gigs: Friday (tonight) Miro Tapas Bar, 76 Liverpool St, Sydney. We used to play at Miro every Friday. It's a small Spanish joint downstairs in Sydney's Spanish quarter. I really like playing there. Might not wear facepaint cause it's usually pretty chill. But instead probably trial some new songs.

Sunday: Canteen Bondi 6 - 8. This will be our 15th gig at Canteen. Even if we manage to keep this band going for the next 50 years (and I hope we do!), it would still be impossible to write a history of Kallidad without mentioning Canteen. It's in our home suburb and has really become our home ground! Nice people, good crowds, these are always good shows!

August 8th- Beach Road Hotel. Beach Road is one of those venues that sometimes has really big, and sometimes really small bands. We are slowly moving up the ranks there, and I love playing there because it shows how far we have to go, but also how far we've come! We're opening for someone, I can't remember who. (I'm a shocker when it comes to other bands. If it's not the three amigos, or Metallica or Slipknot, I just don't care!)

We are also going to Melbourne to play at Penny Black on August 23 and 30....

In other news, we've been writing, which is going well but is also very stressful. When you have so many options, it's so easy to disagree! And our songs tend to change over time, often quite significantly. I always liken songs to raising a child. Once the concept of the song exists, maybe even just with one riff or beat, the song is born, but you have to nurture it through its development and just watch it grow. And give it time. OK that's enough from me. Cya soon!


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